1. What are NFTs?

A non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

2. What is dNFTspot about?

dNFTspot is a decentralized platform to mint, launch, and discover NFTs. To put it plainly, dNFTspot is a launchpad for NFTs which simultaneously allows liquidity to be raised for the said NFTs.

3. What is an NFT Drop?

dNFTspot’s NFT Drop is an interactive fundraising dashboard for NFT ideas, events, or projects.

4. Is there a native token for dNFTspot?

Yes, SPOT is the native token of the dNFTspot platform.

5. What is the maximum supply?


6. What are the use cases for SPOT?

SPOT is the native and utility token for the dNFTspot platform. It is also a reflector token with a 3% fee (1% to be redistributed to SPOT holders and 2% automatically supplied to PancakeSwap Liquidity). Persons interested in participating in a public sale on the platform must hold SPOT.

7. What are the benefits of holding SPOT?

Holding SPOT automatically earns you more SPOT tokens. Only those who own at least 1 SPOT token (subject to change) will be able to participate in dNFTspot’s NFT Drop Public Rounds.

8. What is SPOT Staking?

SPOT Staking is the process whereby users lock up their SPOT tokens for guaranteed SPOT Rewards.

9. What is the maximum and minimum amount of SPOT users can stake?

There’s no set minimum and maximum amount.

10. What are the benefits of staking SPOT?

Users stake SPOT to get guaranteed SPOT rewards.

11. What is Spotlight?

The NFTs Spotlight aims to launch or boost the careers of NFTs artists at the international level by giving them a sound reference to add to their NFT collections. It provides exposure, experience, and reference to an NFT Artist while rewarding them with a prize if they emerge winners.

12. Voting on Spotlight

Voting on Spotlight occurs in the dNFTspot Governance Chatroom on Telegram. All points accumulated are displayed on the Spotlight Dashboard on Week 4 of each Spotlight event.

13. What are KEYS?

KEYS are NFTs required to participate in the SEED Round of NFT Drops on dNFTspot platform. Prior to platform launch SPOT holders can buy KEYS of four varying rarities.

14. What is the Governance Chatroom?

dNFTspot Governance Chatroom is a Token Permissioned Chat that allows dNFTspot Team to create an exclusive chat room for members who hold at least 1 KEY in their Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

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dNFTspot is a decentralized platform to mint launch and discover NFTs powered by $SPOT.