What are dNFTspot KEY NFTs?

KEY NFTs are the governance token of the dNFTspot platform. During the presale of the dNFTspot’ platform utility token ($SPOT), there will be a dashboard at dNFTspot Website, where interested participants can BUY KEY NFTs (a BEP721 token contract) with $SPOT tokens. KEY NFTs is the governance token for the platform and every holder is allowed access to the platform’s private governance chatroom where decisions are made as regards the direction of the platform.

-> Mint KEY (BUY) NFTs with $SPOT simultaneously with the dNFTspot token presale event HERE.
KEY NFTs Distribution and Minting Cost in $SPOT HERE.

max. supply => 21.000 KEYS

ruby KEY

✓ max. supply => 10500 (50%)

✓ price => 10 SPOT

✓ hardcap => 105.000 SPOT

sapphire KEY

✓ max. supply => 8400 (40%)

✓ price => 15 SPOT

✓ hardcap => 126.000 SPOT

emerald KEY

✓ max. supply => 1890 (09%)

✓ price => 100 SPOT

✓ hardcap => 189.000 SPOT

diamond KEY

✓ max. supply => 210 (01%)

✓ price => 1000 SPOT

✓ hardcap => 210.000 SPOT

Note: The dNFTspot team is currently testing and auditing this KEY NFTs Collection Minting contract.

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dNFTspot is a decentralized platform to mint launch and discover NFTs powered by $SPOT.